China handbag factory together with you to have a Chinese new year festival

China handbag factory together with you to have a Chinese new year festival

Golden Plum the most professional China handbag factory just finished Chinese new year holiday on Feb.5th and start to work on Feb.6th,we are really very happy in this festival. All of us busy, tie with happiness…

one week before Chinese new year, we tidy our house, buy the gifts, domestic bird to our kinsman and friends. and after Chinese new year, the kinsman and friends will call us to their home for eating drinking talking… we reunion with our old friends every year…convention since thousands years ago.

On the day of Chinese new year, we preparing dinner from the morning to afternoon,it’s very ceremonious for every Chinese family,children will wear new dress after take a shower, we will plaste the “Spring Festival Couplets” to outside of the door, all the couplets have three parts,Top,left and right, it showing you what’s the family desire in the new year. Normally it’s red paper with black or golden words. Around P.M. 17:00  – P.M.20:00, every family will have their the most important dinner, all the members of family will sit around the table,the foods will be 6,8 or 10 plate, the number must be plural. We call it “family reunion dinnereunion dinner”. We will “open the door” to fire the firecracker in the midnight since 00:00, all the hometown is full of sound “Bang Bang Bang” although it’s noise and smell terrible, this status will continue one or two hours…

Do you know why there is a so important festival in China? In the history, China have a story, there is a ferocious wild beast, we call it “Nian”, so people here fire the firecracker or beat gongs and sound drums to browbeat the “Nian” until it go away…of course, this is a fairy tale. The fact maybe is that people to work from the beginning to the end, the get a lot of foods in this period,so that want to hold a big patty to celebrate, call their kinsman and friends to their home eating together, it can get more happiness in this way, in the past, the food is not so enough even poor, not like present, so Chinese new year holiday is very very important for us, till now, do you have some idea about our Chinese new year holiday???

I will continue to share with you what happen on Festival 1st, 2nd,3rd… until 15th… haha, it’s very interest, please focus on my blogger, as we are professional handbag and cosmetic bags manufacturer in Shenzhen of China, to Hongkong is only 15 mins, established in 2007, have more than 100 workers.Only produce high quality handbag for wholesaler importer brand owner designer and other clients.

Our main products: Handbags, Oxford cosmetic toiletry makeup bags,Jewelry pouch,Cotton shopping bags Tote bags, leather Wallets Purse, shoulder bag, Cooler bags,storage box



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