China handbag factory how to control their goods quality?

We are professional handbag and cosmetic bags manufacturer in Shenzhen of China,how can our factory to control our goods quality? Let China handbag factory to give you our professional way how to do it.

As we know,our factory offer OEM & ODM service to clients such as wholesaler importer or other cosmetic bags buyer…we custom styles according to their styling…

Take our style in website: for example:China handbag factory pu leather cosmetic bag manufacturer in China

1) we get the original sample from buyer,we source the same material from our old supplier,I think they can have a better understanding over material than us,in case we can’t find out the right material,we will submit several very simillar style for buyer selection,so the first step is to ensure we can get a correct material to prepare sample,this step is very important,otherwise,if the material is not buyer want,the following steps is waste time…

2) we issue the paper pattern according to original cosmetic bag sample,and then open moldto cut pu leather into pieces,arrange a mock up to see whether there is any problem until all details is perfect,so we can sampling it.

China handbag factory cosmetic bag manufacturer

After buyer confirm the sample’s quality,let’s go to the bulk production quality control step.

1)we should list a BOM to prepare bulk goods material,we will book 3%-5%  more to to order quantity,it depends on order big or small,to ensure all the material is enough for production,if we it’s not enough and need to book again, it’s very easy to lead quality problem,such as color shade thickness etc…

2)after bulk material back to factory,we will check the quality and quantity whether is ok or not,and use it to arrange a new pre-production sample for ourself approval used.after everything is ok,then we go to cut faux pu leather into piece, and arrange worker to check quality pc by pc,to select out the one which have quality problem,all of these works with a hope that we can get the good quality material into next step…then sewing pu piece into finished products,cutting the threadend,so that our qc will inspect goods quality pc by pc,selet the one which have quality problem to repair it,finally pack the perfect goods into polybag and carton.
China cosmetic bag factory wallet purse manufacturer pu lether bag wholesale

All of our work is to control quality step by step,every step have QC to control quality,only in this way,we can reduce & control quality problem,do you think we are profession or not,or do you have any other goods suggestion and other inquiry,please feel free to vist our or contact with us to discuss it,with hope that the goods quality is worth the value,and let our customer trust our quality and brand.

We promise:
1) we reply to your email within 24 hours.
2) simple style sampling will only take us 3-5 days, for complicated styles such as need to open mold will around 7-10 days.
3) Production less than 30 days once got deposit.
4) 100% piece by piece control quality by our QC before shipment.
5) we guarantee all the goods quality problem which made by us.

Best regards,
Venus Wu

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Your first business trip to China Suggestion first time visit China handbag factory

Hi my friend,

First of all,thanks for you to read my this blogger,This is Venus Wu from China handbag factory in Shenzhen,as we know now, China’s economy is becoming more and more developed,lots of friend from other country want to doing business with Chinese,if this is the first time you visit China,let me give you some useful suggestions.

1) Before come to China,we need to know some general circumstances about China.You can source some information over google,newspaper,TV,internet,friends in China and so on…

*** China is a big country,and have a very lot of people,have lots of big developed city along sea,such as Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Hongkong,etc.

*** China is very safe country,it’s totally no need to worry about the safety problem.

*** People here is very friend,but not so many people can speak English skillful,o/c if you are in big city like Shenzhen,lots of young people can speak English with you.

*** Weather should considering the season and which part of China,such as Sprint in Southern is warm but lot of raining days,while summer is very hot in Shenzhen,Autumn is cool while winter is very cold in Beijin,so before you come to China,you need to know about the weather in advance.

2) After get some idea about China,then we should preparing some necessary work:cloth,handbags,mobile (accessories),Passport (case),VISA,ID card (holder),Money (bags),Storage box,and it’s better to ask some friend in China to pick you up from airport and book hotel for you.And it’s better to know your Embassy’s contact details if necessary.

3) Make a details of your schedule,such as from which date you arrival China and then which date to visit which China handbag factory,and finally which date to leave China,and we should discuss this schedule with China handbag supplier,so that we can have a good journey correctly.

4) After above works,then we can book air ticket,I wish you can have a good trip in China,if you want to know more about us,you can visit our, or if you want to have more inquiry,please feel free to send email to me at

I wish to make friends all over the world,welcome to visit Shenzhen,China,thanks for you time…

Best regards,
Venus Wu

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